In our Grade School

Every child is an artist at heart, especially in grade school. This is when children’s vivid life of feelings and emotions emerge; their magical world of free play becomes more sophisticated as they start to see the world in inner meanings, relationships, and beauty.

In our Kindergarten

Creative free play. Everything children at this age experience they need to “digest” through free play. Letting children learn by doing and moving helps feed their need to make sense and actively explore the world which in turn cultivates their curious minds.

Tuburan is a Steiner/Waldorf community nature school. Here children learn life skills in a nature environment. The holistic pedagogy develops their thinking, feeling and draws out their inner creativity.

Michaelmas or Feast of Archangel Michael

Festivals played an important role in the pedagogy of Waldorf education. By definition, a festival is a joyous celebration of human life and the life of the earth where we lived in. These festivals have emerged from our deep connections with the spiritual realm and...

The gift of Michaelmas

This Michaelmas season gifted me with a story from my daughter Kasandra, who is also in my class. One morning, I told my class the story of St. George and the dragon, as an entry to Michaelmas, everyone was absorbed with the story. I'm pretty sure though that I didn't...

Tuburan Institute, Inc. Opens Banay sa Pagsubang

This September 2017, Tuburan is set to open Banay sa Pagsubang, a Parent-Child Program for parents/adults and children aged 3 years old and below. Banay sa Pagsubang reflects Tuburan’s initiative that is based on a spiritual understanding of the young child. It aims...

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