We envision a healthy and sustainable community life of free, creative and conscious human beings who are deeply connected with nature and co-create an evolving society.


Our mission is to establish a sustainable Steiner/Waldorf educational institution

  • That integrates world culture and that of its locality;
  • That prepares students to contribute to the world;
  • That is accessible to families with diverse economic backgrounds;
  • Where natural food, instructional materials and learning environment are promoted and provided
  • That brings individuals and families to learn and work together, and co-carry each other as a community



  • Develop our Steiner/Waldorf curriculum.
  • Ensure integrated levels of education from preschool to high school.
  • Nurture a dynamic school leadership that represents all stakeholders.
  • Establish management systems that encourage participation.
  • Develop sustainability mechanisms that welcomes local and global support.
  • Grow a diverse yet united community of parents, teachers and supporters.
  • Influence the Philippine educational system.

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