Five of us staff and parents got on our bikes last Sunday and biked 25 kilometers from Skyline to Tacunan to distribute enrollment flyers in 5 subdivisions in the hope of meeting more parents searching for “a balanced education of the head, heart, and hands in a nature environment” for their children.

To save on costs, we pooled our money to share breakfast, buko juice, milk, and lunch along the way.

Our strategy: leave enrollment flyers in houses where kids’ clothes, shoes, toys are visible in the backyards. Or we simply asked residents, “Naa ba moy bata?” (Do you have kids?) We also stopped adults with kids in tow. Or stopped adults and asked them if they have kids.

Nothing quite uneventful happened – just an angry guard in one subdivision whose order we disobeyed to distribute leaflets. This and the heat and leg cramps we all took in stride – for the love of Tuburan!

P.S. Big, big, big thanks to these printing presses whose doors we knocked on to ask for free printing of our enrollment posters, enrollment leaflets, and newsletters: Zion Printing Press, Midtown Printing Press, APM Davao, and Tesoro’s Printing Press. May there be more businesses like you who give back to society. Your support has contributed greatly to our school’s mission to equalize the opportunity of families from all social backgrounds to access a truly holistic education!

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