This September 2017, Tuburan is set to open Banay sa Pagsubang, a Parent-Child Program for parents/adults and children aged 3 years old and below.

Banay sa Pagsubang reflects Tuburan’s initiative that is based on a spiritual understanding of the young child. It aims to enable a community to support the natural unfolding of children’s interests, to develop their physical bodies, and to encourage healthy development of their social interaction. It recognizes the importance of inner-work and self-education from its nurturers and parents as objects or persons of imitation for the child. In the confusion of information a parent is given, in all the choices of that the technological culture promises, the pressures of lifestyles, Banay sa Pagsubang endeavours to become an establishment looked upon first by parents for guidance and support.

Why “Banay sa Pagsubang?”

The name Banay sa Pagsubang has been named consistent to how Tuburan along with its classes has been named. Tuburan has already been lovingly coined as Banay sa Pag-amuma (House of Nurturing) or an institution dedicating itself in protecting the dignity of childhood. It honors and respects the different ways we can put into form the nurturing in the most age appropriate and in consideration of the call of times. An institution likened to a healthy and balanced ecosystem of striving adults who wants to provide the most appropriate environment for a growing child – a growing plant.

The term Pagsubang in the life of a plant pertains to the germination phase of the seed. It is the moment when a seed is brought to life. Steiner-Waldorf Education is founded on the principle that children are spiritual beings and incarnating is a gradual process; much like the seed already pregnant with possibilities, stored already in itself the energy to live. Our program too shall welcome embodiments of possibilities, individuals even without child who longs to understand and children from zero to three years and half will be much part of the program – as the first three years are important for healthy development, not only physically, but emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. It is when conditions like the soil, water and warmth are most crucial for life to break out of the seed, grow root to anchor itself on the ground and stem and leaves to shoot up. It is life seeking light in actuality similar to that of a new child and the reverence it inspires from its nurturers. Wanting to be true to Steiner-Waldorf approach, Banay sa Pagsubang shall empower and ensoul.

Nurturance as Inspiration to the Logo

The logo is inspired by the mercury staff — a picture of the heart of the etheric and that of a lemniscate which represent much the framework of Tuburan. At the bottom is a curve which uncannily depicts a form of a droplet, a reminiscent of the translation of Tuburan, a well spring or a source which coincidentally situated in a place called New Loon which also means a watery place. From a place that is a source of water, comes life by nature is the center at the crossing (St. Andrew’s cross) where two individuals come together connected in the etheric though two separate individualities in the spirit; one growing in life, the other becoming light. For in the life of plant (in reference to the name Pagsubang) the germination phase is just the start, so shall the program ensure the sense of life for the child and make the parents the light for their children.

Goals of the Program

1. Kindergarten Readiness
2. Foundation of Community Life
3. Home-Life Inspiration
4. Parent Education
5. Parent Support
6. Public Awareness
7. Community Advocacy

Rhythm and Cycle

Banay sa Pagsubang classes will be every Saturday, from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, starting on October 21, 2017. Please take note that the morning class will be with the parents/adults and children, while the afternoon class is dedicated solely to the class study of parents/adults.

The year-long course will be divided into 4 blocks, and each block consists of 11 Saturdays, except for the first block. The 4 blocks each has its own theme that guides the cycle and curriculum.

The schedule for the blocks is as follows:

BLOCK 4 October 21 to December 16, 2017
BLOCK 1 January 13 to March 17, 2018
BLOCK 2 April 07 to June 09, 2018
BLOCK 3 July 07 to September 08, 2018

Qualifications for the Program:

The program accepts:
· Single: Anyone who is interested to learn about Steiner-Waldorf parenting or Early Childhood Education;
· Parent(s)-to-be Currently pregnant mother or couple; this may also include couples who are not yet pregnant or with child;
· Parent(s): Biological or adoptive parents of a child enrolled for the Parent-Child Program; Biological or adoptive parents of a child currently enrolled at Tuburan Institute, Inc.;
· Guardian(s): Custodian guardian for a child enrolled for the Parent-Child Program; Custodian guardian for a child currently enrolled at Tuburan Institute, Inc.;
· Child: Age limit: 0 to 3years and 6months upon enrollment

Enrollment Process:

1. Interview and completion of the Family Profile Form
2. Payment of Fees
3. Submission of Requirements
– NSO authenticated birth certificate of the child
– Health or medical records, if applicable
– Certificate of guardianship, if applicable
– 2×2 photos of each of the enrolling adult and child
4. Attendance to the Orientation

Enrollment dates will be from September 27-October 13, 2017.

Payment Policies:

1. Program Fee per block is Php 7,000.00 inclusive of all class materials.
2. Though there will be four (4) Blocks in one Cycle (year), registrations, evaluations and payments will be done per block.
3. Full payment is required a day before (Friday) the first session (Saturday). No payments will be accepted on class sessions.
4. Once the sessions start, payments will be nonrefundable. No refunds or make-up sessions may be given for missed classes due to the limited size of the class.

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