In a lecture by Horst Hellman, a German Steiner-Waldorf School teacher for 30 years, conducted at Tuburan Institute, he shared a household research conducted by his daughter in Germany involving microwaved water.

Right is normal. Left is microwave.

The experiment was conducted in this manner: Three potted plants were observed. The first plant (let’s call it Plant A) was watered with tap water and the second (let’s call it Plant B), with water that has been boiled in the stove, and the third (Plant C), with microwaved water. The first generation of the plants seemed fine. When the next generation of the plants sprouted, the student observed that the stems and leaves of Plant C grew faster and taller as compared with the next generation of Plant A and Plant B which remained much the same with its parent.

It went on like that until the fifth generation where the researcher found Plant C wilted and dying. On the other hand, Plant A lived on while Plant B reached up to the twelfth generation.

With such result, the student took the research further and conducted the experiment with two mice. This time, it is narrowed down to the mouse that was nourished with tap water (M1) and the other, fed with microwaved water (M2). During the first four generation of the mice, everything seemed normal. On the fifth, however, the mice gave birth to cripple and dead babies. M1’s babies came out fine with complete limbs. When the student took it to a surgeon, she was told that there was cancer in the blood of the M2 babies.

Upon hearing this, I was tempted to do the experiment at home but I pity the mice that I will be harming. Anyway, that is beside the point. Mentally, I ran through my family and friends who were so fond of heating their food on the microwave before eating them. This seemingly harmless habit of putting our food in the microwave is causing harm to our bodies. There is really a requirement to rethink our lifestyle – our dependence on things and gadgets that are harming our being, the food that we take, etc.

Sometimes, some friends would tell me, “Why are you so critical? You need to cut some slack.” If only I could cut some slack! Really. But do we just pretend that everything is fine and that there is no need to think? In a society that makes not thinking appear otherwise, the only way to stay healthy is to question things. With instant gratification and autopilot mechanisms, one will easily fall into a dumb sleep if one does not question the things that are allowed in one’s lifestyle.

The “easy” life that we are living comes with an expense and it is something that we cannot turn a blind eye to. Something really needs to be done; but first things first: It’s time to introspect the life and all the things that may add or diminish it.

I am not against technology. What I am saying is that there is a need for us to really know and study what these things bring to us. We cannot anymore be passive receivers of these things. Otherwise, should we choose to stay in our comfort zones, we may have to pay more for not acting in time.

Otto Johannes Horst Hellmann was a class teacher at the Waldorf school in Heidelheim, Southern Germany, for 28 years. He moved to Berlin and became the founding teacher of a new Waldorf school near the Anthroposophical Clinic Havelhoehe. In 1981 he travelled with his family across Australia for 10 months. This was the beginning of his work as a mentor which he started doing full time in 2004 in South East Asia. Today he is based in Singapore and his helping the Steiner/Waldorf community there. Since 2013 he has been paying us at Tuburan Institute, Inc. yearly visits to mentor teachers and parents and give public lectures.


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