The Chicken Challenge

Karen: I was able to come home early tonight and spend some time with my son before he went to sleep. Instead of a bedtime story I asked him to show me how to knit, so we got out his yarn and chopsticks. We don’t have knitting needles yet so we use chopsticks. And so he begins to show me how to make a chicken.

Son: Okay mom so I am your teacher tonight. So it’s like this, the rabbit goes into the rabbit hole and decides to go into another hole…

Karen: I attempt to copy him. But after many many attempts and failing miserably at getting it right…

Son: Oh my mama! You are more banga (dumb) than me when I started! Ayayay! I am not the worst student! Right now you are!

Karen: I will keep trying and practicing kuya (older brother), just like you!

Son: Yes mom. Gosh! You need to try and practice more than me!

Karen: You are the best teacher ever kuya.

Son: I need to practice more mom! Because you are so banga i need to practice how to teach you better!

Karen: Who would have thought something so profound could have come out of knitting?

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