Each day I cook, clean, wash, do the laundry, polish the wooden toys. Each week i go to the market to buy fruits and vegetables for the children’s snacks and lunch.

I’ve learned to sing and meet the notes, to connect to nature, to dig deep into my being, to meet my light and my shadows, to be comfortable with my own creativity, to play the recorder, to lead the children through our verses and movements.

I’ve learned to translate a fairytale into Bisaya and write my own story, learn it by heart and tell it in a way that captivates children’s imagination and language development.

Every day I am humbled and gratified. I can stand firmly, cry, and become strong again.

The children help me see and feel the world in its purest. They’re the first ones on my mind when I wake up and at the end of the day I bring them with me in my sleep.

Thank you children for teaching me to love.

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