Mother of the Fairytale contains 25 black and white pictures of Tuburan and 4 stories about Steiner education in the Philippines and the world. (Photo by James Bautista.)

Since 2011 when the idea of a “Tuburan” was still taking shape, it has been that sense of trust and courage that documenting what began as Maya and Kate’s MISSION[ref]MISSION stands for Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies through Initiatives, Organizing and Networking. It is an inter-nodal collective which nurtures ideas, collaborations and initiatives for integral sustainable development[/ref] initiative, along with other initiatives striving to be sustainable was the thing to do. The decision to follow the story of the school community emerged from a mix of gut feel, a certain knowing that such work must be done, and a nudge from the Universe. Hence, with guidance and different forms of support from various sources, the book, Inahan sa Sugilanon: Mother of the Fairytale[ref]Mother of the Fairytale (Inahan sa Sugilanon) is a book showing the inspiring story of Tuburan, and the unfolding education of the head, heart and hands. To know more about the book, visit: Show your support by liking our FaceBook Page:[/ref] , came into being – in an attempt to show that healthy and loving education is truly possible, and it is being nurtured in a coconut farm surrounded by a creek in the outskirts of Davao City.

In the process of being a witness to the story of this growing school community, it has been a beautiful experience to see the images of the children, the nurturers, the parents, the supporters, and the space in continuous evolution. Nakakakilig. Seeing Tuburan strive each and every school year, like an infant learning how to crawl, Sustaining the School Community, Sustaining the Story of Tuburan by Louise L. Far Mother of the Fairytale stand and eventually walk on one’s own, adds another ounce of hope that the practice of healthy and loving education may be sustained. In challenging times too, perhaps it is in the image of the future of the children that any concerned educator would find strength to continue the work amidst all the trials one is facing along the way.

Then again, there is a recurring question: How can a school community that values an age-appropriate, purposeful, and lifelong approach to learning be sustained? Allowing people to see holistic and culture-based education come to fruition through the story of Tuburan is believed to encourage and round up support for this kind of education. The only way to sustain the images and the story is to continue creating them, and to continue creating Tuburan itself. This is what is asked of us who have been and will be part of this initiative one way or another, it seems. Who knows – by “mere” sight or knowledge of the existence of an initiative or a school community such as Tuburan, another striving school community is made visible, and gets revitalized.

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