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Ms. Katherine with her students enjoy outdoor freeplay. (Photo by Lilli Breinger.)

It is not easy to build a model school that leaves no one behind and helps children become balanced in their thinking, feeling and willing.

That’s why Tuburan takes good care of its teachers.

Aside from providing salaries, Tuburan invests in teachers’ year-long study and training in the foundations of Steiner/Waldorf education and encourages them to hone their knowledge and skills in painting, drawing, speech, writing, singing, gardening, wood work, handwork, playing musical instruments, and so on.

The more talented and dynamic teachers are, the better they can meet the demands of an experiential Steiner/Waldorf educational approach.

However, the teachers cannot join out-of-town training because of the school’s limited resources. Most of the time, they have to rely on each other to improve their understanding of how children learn and develop at each age.

Every week our teachers meet to compare notes and study human development to understand what happens to children’s thinking, feeling and willing from conception onwards. This helps teachers continuously reinvent themselves and meet the needs of their class and of each child in the four to eight years that they are together. Occasionally, mentors fly in to stay for a while and sit in class to observe and give feedback among other things.

With your help, Tuburan hopes to be able to invest in continuous teacher training and improve teachers’ capacities to integrate art, movement and music when teaching arithmetic, language, science, and more:

  • Send one or more teachers to a training by paying for their transportation, accommodation, and/or registration. To know the complete list of trainings, email us at
  • Donate instructional materials.

Teachers prepare the arc through which Class 1 students pass through during the Flower Ceremony to symbolically welcome them as part of the grade school family. (Photo by Jo Haresh T. Tandora.)

A teacher does some speech exercises with her grade school students. (Photo by Lilli O. Breininger.)


Preparing myself to meet the children is I think very important.

The inner work of teachers really makes a difference. In my experience, children will be calm and the class will just flow.



Juliefer M. Cecilio
Kindergarten Nurturer

I want an education that really draws children’s full potential. These children have a better capacity to face and solve societal problems.



Katherine E. Estember
Class 3 Teacher  and Co-founder

When I receive the children in the morning and greet them good morning they look straight back at me full of confidence and self assurance. I can see they’re ready to start the day. During the main lesson they’re very attentive.

What makes me really happy is that they love to learn and do it out of an inner drive and never because they’re just following.



Althea May A. Gullos
Class 2 Teacher

The dedication of teachers in Tuburan is extraordinary. They strive to educate not only by what they know, but by their whole being.

They inculcate learning in children because of their love for what they do.



Joefel S. Carreon
Administrator and Parent



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