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Photo by Lilli Breininger.

Photo by Lilli Breininger.

Growing the school from scratch has not been easy. Yet we are committed to keep our fees as low and socialized as possible to accommodate as many children from very low-income families.

Our secret: we’d rather not buy things that we can wait for somebody to donate. Like our refrigerator and oven and desktop computer.

We’ve categorized and listed all the materials that we need on this page.

So the next time you’re at home or in the office please do check if there’s anything there which you can donate to Tuburan!

Gikan sa among kasing-kasing, daghang salamat! (From our hearts, thank you very much!)

Note: We’ve included a price list for some items in case you want to give cash instead. We’d gladly accept new, slightly used items that are still in good condition.

Summary of our wish list

  • A school bus
  • Gardening tools
  • Kitchen equipment and utensils
  • Crafting materials
  • Drawing materials
  • Musical instruments
  • Communication equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Materials for the buildings
  • Maintenance materials
  • Social enterprise materials
Read about the details of our wish list.

Our thanks to recent donors:

  1. This September 2016, we biked around Davao City to visit hardware stores and solicit painting materials for our grades school classrooms and office. Two companies that donated some items in our wish list are Davao Golden Hardware, Inc. and CISA Marketing.
  2. Last July 2016, we received 10 electric fans and a kitchen sink from Patches of Green for our classrooms.

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Do you want to donate something from our wish list or know someone who can? Send us a message.

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