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Mother of the Fairytale (Inahan sa Sugilanon) is a photobook that chronicles a green school community in Davao — from its birthing in 2012 to its present life. For three years since the inception of the school in 2012, a photographer passionate in holistic education followed the story of the school and bore witness to the unfolding education of the head, heart and hands. (Photo by James C. Bautista.)

Through the lens of a photographer and education advocate, Louise L. Far, the book offers a glimpse into the journey of the first teachers, the daily challenges and triumphs of little children, and the emerging sense of space and community among parents and friends of the school. Aside from the 26 images, the book also includes relevant essays about Tuburan and holistic education. (Photo by Louise L. Far.)


In December 2014, some photos from the Mother of the Fairytale book project were featured in Angkor Photo Festival in Siem Reap, Cambodia as part of the first “Impact Project”, which highlighted stories about individuals, groups, or small organizations working to make a positive impact on social and environmental issues. (Photo by Louise L. Far.)


Since 2015, some photos from the book project have also been exhibited in Tala Photo Collective’s women-initiated group exhibitions organized in Manila, Philippines: “Tala ng Tala” (Recordings of Tala Photo Collective) (2015), “Babae at Paggawa, Pagbangon at Paglaya” (Women and Work, Rise and Freedom) (2015) and The Mountains, the Sea, and the City (2016). (Photo by Louise L. Far.)


This pioneering student’s health greatly improved, according to her mother, because of the physical activities and nutritious food in Tuburan. (Photo by Louise Far.)

Amidst capitalist tendencies of mainstream education and the conventional notions of parenthood in the country, Tuburan strives to translate education to loving children, and allowing them to realize their true potential in preparation for the Work they will accomplish for the future of society. In this sense, Mother of the Fairytale is a courageous attempt to show that a holistic and a healthy approach to education is possible, and a living “classroom” that connects children and the entire school community to the earth and the culture of humanity may indeed exist.

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