There was once a German teacher traveling around the world visiting as many schools as he could – including Tuburan Institute, Inc. a Steiner/Waldorf School. After one week with us he shared that our children, because of being in nature every day, are one of the most confident, creative, expressive, inquisitive he’s experienced.

This December 10, 2016 (Saturday) from 9 am to 12 pm we’ll hold our next phase 1 free public orientation and share again about how we draw out children’s full potential in the most healthy way.

Here are two nice anecdotes by a Tuburan parent during the last public orientation:

I used to believe the best way to deal with energetic young children is to be very animated and punctuate my words with emphatic gestures. But being in Tuburan I learned to tone it down greatly and speak calmly and softly. For example, before I used to call my daughter’s name loudly. Because she often didn’t respond, I had to call her repeatedly. Frayed nerves, being on edge, the noise – these were part of our normal home life. I now realize my daughter’s lack of attention and poor listening may have been caused by all the hours I let her spend watching “educational videos.” So I removed her “screen” time and unplugged her from the television. Aside from that I take great care to be more calm in my ways – I now call my daughter in a gentle sing-song voice and speak to her softly. It’s really amazing how effective these are. As soon as my pitch is off because of my impatience, she’d tell me, ‘Mama pagtarong lang ug estorya.’ (Mama just speak to me normally.)

My daughter learned how to read at three years old. She has a book about insects and can identify insects well. But while her classmates find caterpillars and other insects in the playground and touch and gush over them, my daughter screams and runs away. I appreciate how at Tuburan my daughter is slowly sensitizing to nature and experiencing it first hand – not from a book.

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