Steiner/Waldorf education is big about learning by doing – and that includes farming.

Last week, Miss Katherine’s Pili Class travelled to Makilala to plant rice on AKKAP’s biodynamic farm. Our nine year old children immersed in the lives of farmers and experienced how they live and work and eat and enjoy simple things in life – including taking a dip in the river after a hard day’s work and telling stories and singing by the bonfire before going to bed.

Our children’s unforgettable experience as farmers has created such an impact they mused:

“Magtanim ay ‘di biro gyud diay!” (Planting (rice) is indeed ‘no joke’!)

“Kapoy man diay mahimong mang-uuma… Pero lingaw!” (It’s tiring to become a farmer.. but it’s fun!)

“Sa una, ginalabay lang nako ang kan-on. Pero karon, dili na gyud ko maglabay.” (I used to throw away some rice. I’ll never do that again from now on.)

(Click on a photo to enlarge.)

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