One month, we had one month to prepare for a 2-week Mandala exhibit at SEDA Abreeza Hotel, for free. Everything was sailing smoothly until the third week.

First, we got turned down multiple times by different suppliers. You see none of them can lend us panels for 2 straight weeks since it’s Araw ng Davao and they’re fully booked. Second the rental fee for each panel ranges from eight hundred pesos to a thousand, and we need four. Which brings us to our third problem, we’re flat broke.

With five days left we parents from the FR committee asked for help from the community and finally decided to build our own panels. We were thinking it would be better to do so as we are planning to do more exhibits this year. Which means if we keep renting for every single event we will definitely spend more. Moreover we can have the panels rented and earn from it as well.

With 3 days left and everyone in the team are mostly on a business trip or working we basically did everything online. When I say everything literally it means EVERYTHING, from taking pictures of materials and sending measurements, estimates, even I have not seen the engineer who made the panels. We finally had donations from money to raw materials. The thing with coordinating online you can’t tell 100% if everything will work out on the day itself.

February 28, 2017 10:00 PM we were all at SEDA Abreeza Hotel for the ingress excited and very nervous. Excited to see our hard work unfold, nervous as we didn’t have a mock exhibit or have seen the panels yet. Unfortunately we didn’t have the right hooks to hang the Mandalas with. The hooks couldn’t penetrate the panels, and if we pushed through with drilling a hole it will eventually give in. And so after numerous attempts we failed, and decided to cancel the whole thing. I think we finally went home at 1:00AM.

The next day we didn’t waste time and decided to rectify the situation. We had the engineer attach the right hooks and this time we did a mock exhibit just to make sure everything will work perfectly. Two days after we we came back with high hopes. This time it took us just an hour to get everything prepared.

We may have had sleepless nights, and stressful days, but hey, we sold a few pieces and this will go a long way. And as we always say for the love of Tuburan. Now on to our next fund raising event!

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