Before Tuburan, our son was fearful and couldn’t speak very well. In less than a month he became active, daring, very talkative, and very creative. Tuburan has made us realize the most important things in life for our son’s development are really very simple: simple conversations, eating fruits and vegetables, and simple toys. We’ve removed television and computers; we’ve gone back to the basics really. We don’t eat canned and processed foods anymore. Instead we eat boiled fruits – corn, sweet potato and bananas.

If it were not for Tuburan, we wouldn’t be able to practice living simply like this. Our son now eats everything, he washes himself and dresses himself, he does a lot of gardening. It’s like he has become a Tuburan ambassador. His older cousins follow his example; they try hard to speak to him in Bisaya. While he can easily switch to different languages depending on whom he’s talking to.

Our relatives want to “borrow” him all the time because he’s calm and independent and disciplined and doesn’t need television and computers and tablets to fully engage himself. He just plays outdoors like all children do in Tuburan.

It’s true, Tuburan has many problems – but they are not really problems if we consider everything. The construction of our classrooms isn’t yet finished, the fences need repair, the access road needs to be built, the carpools need improvement too. Yet all of these and despite all of these, our son’s growth and development has been tremendous.
This year we’ve decided to really cut down on work and join all Tuburan’s activities. We realize that Tuburan needs us to be present; our son needs us.

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