Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum


In kindergarten, children’s four basic senses are developed: touch, wellbeing, movement and warmth. Through moving, balancing, interacting, exploring they practice their motor skills which, when developed well, will prepare them for the more abstract thinking and prolonged periods of concentration that’s usual in grade school.The kindergarten classroom resembles a cozy and home-like environment which suitably helps children transition from home to school. At this age, children learn best through imitating their teachers who are lovingly called “titas” and “titos” (i.e. aunties and uncles). The teachers’ personal mastery to always be ready to appropriately support the “unfolding” of the children helps guide the children as they move, touch and speak freely in between songs and stories. READ MORE.



Every child is an artist at heart, especially in grade school. This is when children’s vivid life of feelings and emotions emerge; their magical world of free play becomes more sophisticated as they start to see the world in inner meanings, relationships, and beauty. As grade school children develop a new readiness to formal learning their life of imagination and inner creativity continues to be nurtured by integrating art, music, and movement in all lessons. READ MORE.

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