The more my husband and I learned about the ill effects of television, the more we realized our home environment was killing our son’s creativity. The cartoons he watched made him idolize cartoon characters and be like them. He was glued to the television so much that after watching, he’d be so full of energy, he’d run around the house like a little cannon ball.

So we decided to drastically cut his television time. The first few times of not being allowed to watch tv or play with the cellphone though his tantrums would last the whole day.

Today he’s totally weaned from television and doesn’t even look for it anymore. Unless his cousin next door invites him to watch cartoons. But at home we’ve got a TV free zone. The result: my son’s become so creative! He plays a lot of pretend games, and likes telling stories and listening to stories.

Of all the cartoon characters he likes, the only one left alive in him is Mickey Mouse. What will happen, I wonder, when Mickey Mouse is finally gone from his psyche too?

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