We took my son for a haircut at the mall recently. As we approached the salon I felt a bit nervous because of the glaring television set – to distract kids, I suppose, and ease their tension.

When we got in, “Cars” the cartoon, was on and I thought, “Oh no all my hard work for the past four months weaning my son from television, computers and gadgets is now going to be wasted!”

We still went in, and my son, for the first time, chose a “cut” all by himself.

He then sat down with the television across him.

Son: Lower lang TV mang. (Lower the volume.)
Me: Kuya palihog hinay. (Sir please lower the volume.)
Son: Off lang mang please. (Turn it off please.)
Me: Off nak? off jud nato? (Off? You really want it switched off?)
My son nodded.
Me: Kuya pwede palihog palong na lang jud. (Sir if it’s okay, let’s just switch it off)
Barber: Sige ma’am okay ra kaayo. (Yes ma’am, it’s okay.)

All throughout the session, nag sige lang tawon sila istoryahanay sa barber. Para ba ni sa mga babies? Unsa ni….??? Unsa na…??? (All throughout the session, my son conversed with the barber and asked “Is that powder for babies?” “What’s this…???” “What’s that…???)

The conversation suddenly shifts and my son explains that he goes to school at Tuburan and describes with his young four year old vocabulary his magical school that has swings, monkey bars, a mountain, a river, and a goat. “And no TV,” I chuckle.

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