From Maureen's Facebook: "Venice Biennale Architectura 2016. This photo tries so hard to sum up a great trip."

Hi my name is Maureen, 21 years old. I graduated from the Manila Waldorf School in 2014. I think a big part of who I am is directly a result of my Steiner education. I feel like I have this huge sense of wonder and reverence for everything around me and a craving to understand things in a way that feels very profound. These give me another, sometimes broader perspective in the world (compared to my classmates in college, for example).

I like how we were given so much freedom in discovering things on our own, that we were given the possibility to explore different subjects like woodwork or even gardening, opening many doors and possibilities. I treasure the gift this education has given me of allowing to discover myself in the best way possible. My Steiner education is something I undoubtedly treasure.

However, the reality remains that it is still quite expensive for many families. I hope making Steiner Education more accessible to everyone would be realised in the near future. It truly is an education everyone deserves.

Context: Maureen visited Tuburan with her sister, Samantha, last year. She’s now taking Architecture in Belgium. Interesting fact: Her Belgian father never spoke Flemish to her and her sister growing up. Maureen had to learn Flemish in a span of two years so she could communicate fluently when learning Architecture. Maureen says she was able to learn Flemish quickly because of her Steiner/Waldorf education.

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