At the end of the year, nights become longer and colder and days become shorter. It’s the ideal time to turn inwards for reflection and introspection and nurturing each other’s inner light. It’s a good time to come together and unite each little light to form one big light against the encroaching darkness of the year.

Last November 11, 2016 the Tuburan community gathered and lit our lanterns made out of fruits and paper and wood.

But first in the classrooms, St. Martin’s story was told in solemnity. It’s a story about a soldier, who, one winter night as he was entering the city on his horse, saw a shivering beggar, got off his horse, and with his sword, tore part of his cloak and wrapped it around the beggar.

To emulate the value of care and love for others in need, everyone in the community got up after the Martinmas storytelling and carried their lanterns as they walked from one neighbor’s home to the next singing songs to them and gifting each home with a blanket and a lantern.

The Tuburan community then all walked back to the school where a bonfire was brightly burning adding to the warmth of the community singing that ensued.

Finally an exchange of candles to symbolize passing and thanking each one for their inner lights.

The children and their parents then silently walked home holding up the lanterns against the darkness of the night.

(Photos by Omar Bantayan.)

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