After graduating from the Manila Waldorf School, Martha Tan decided to pursue BS Accountancy at the University of Santo Tomas. Besides her academics, she continues to engage in different extracurriculars such as volunteer work and Touch Rugby.

Martha has three very clear goals:

First, she hopes to bring a new perspective to the business world – make it more “equal” for everyone involved in the business, make the business process more sustainable, and ensure the business nurtures and not harms anyone or anything.

Second, Martha wants to put up a social enterprise and help people raise themselves from poverty.

Third, Martha wants to be involved in creating sustainable solutions for our current environmental issues.

While her new life as a college student may keep her preoccupied, Martha will keep in touch with her Waldorf roots by joining the Waldorf festivals, lending a hand on Bayanihan day, and perhaps teaching a class in the future. She says, “Waldorf is home, and everyone there is like family. I’d like to come back and share what I’ve learned along the way since being there.”

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