Photo by John Gorre

Wouldn’t a concrete road be too hard and too flat and too hot for little feet that would rather love to walk through the puddles while running to the school’s gate?

If we think about it, walking on earth helps children connect with nature while concrete kills this connection. Walking on earth helps develop children’s senses in ways that concrete can’t. Children get to experience the earth’s uneven, irregular contours, textures, and natural colors.

So not surprisingly when one child learned Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is finally going to come and fix our road he said, “But i love our road the way it is!”

That’s why we are grateful that DPWH has agreed to compromise and concrete only the first several meters of the road and put gravel on the rest. Canals will also be dug on both sides to mitigate the flooding during rainy days.

To start the ball rolling, Barangay Tugbok Proper officials signed a resolution approving the entry and construction of the road by DPWH. The landowners are now attaching their signatures as well. They have agreed to donate part of their lands to be turned into a barangay road from now until perpetuity!

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