He Removed The Cord And Hid It-2

Ever since we joined Tuburan, my wife and I became more conscious about our parenting. But because we have demanding jobs that require us to travel every week, we couldn’t be hands on parents. This affected our sons very much.

Left alone with the babysitter, they watched a lot of television I learned one afternoon when I decided to come home early. I realized that my eldest son’s being restless and unruly may indeed have been caused by watching programs that had a lot of shouting and cuss words. I decided right then and there to unplug the television and hide the cord.
We still have a television but because there’s no more cord, it’s not working. I explained to our adult companions in the house that we’re doing this for the children. I told them, instead of watching TV let the kids play in the garden, sweep the floor, draw, and knit. Let them do anything – as long as it’s not watching television.

I even quit my demanding job and am now employed with a company that allows me to be home more. My presence has really made a difference in my children’s sense of security and wellbeing. They don’t even notice the television’s absence in our lives.

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