Our road challenge continues.

Before the transfer to Tuburan’s permanent home in New Loon last June 2015, the narrow uneven access road to the school needed to be widened and flattened. Visits and conversations with landowners in the New Loon neighborhood confirmed they had been pushing for an access road for years already and even approached the local government units several times but to no avail.

Needless to say, Tuburan’s entry into the neighborhood was welcomed. It didn’t take much convincing for all the land owners to agree to part with three meters of their properties to be turned into a barangay road that’s 6 meters wide and about 430 meters long. The landowners formalized this by signing Affidavits of Road Right of Way which were duly notarized.

Meanwhile the City Engineers Office (CEO) sent a team of geodetic engineers to layout the road. The Philippine National Police Region XI Training Center then sent its police trainees to move back the fences along the access road. They used gardening tools borrowed from Tuburan supporters. Carlo Gonzalez, the Vice President of Ulticon Builders, Inc., then sent his bulldozer to remove the remaining boulders and make it easier for construction supplies to reach Tuburan. It’s a huge relief, we are grateful for all the support.

But when it rains the access road still transforms into a muddy pool which discourages potential families from enrolling their children.

For the Tuburan community, however, the muddy road is an inconvenience that it has learned to take in stride because walking to school is good exercise and because of all the other benefits of a holistic education in a nature environment.

So while a solution is being found for the road challenge, the Tuburan community and its New Loon neighbors will have to continue walking through the mud in their boots.

Tuburan hopes to raise at least Php 1,450,000.00 to build an all-weather road with canals. Can you help or know someone who can?

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