During Nicanor Perlas’ two-day Mission Courage Workshop (MCW), Tuburan’s staff joined others in his participatory process of finding out/affirming our life purpose and strengthening our courage to pursue this higher purpose no matter what.

MCW for me enriched and deepened my paradigms of reality and the world which Nick was able to expertly draw out with his questions. One of which is that societal transformation will be hard to do without a deep personal transformation first.

This was one life concern of MCW participants who saw the need for reframed societal structures and systems – in education, health, business, etc. – that will be the best vessel humanity’s mutual development.

In the case of Tuburan it’s a reframed educational environment where teaching and learning and operating a school are done in creative ways that help children develop a true inner freedom to do what is right for humanity. Even if doing what is right is more difficult or more painful. Certainly this means not caring about any external motivation like rewards or fear or just because an authority says so.

MCW helped me pause and take a step back to assess my role in Tuburan. How have I helped or not helped in providing the right creative solutions to the challenge: “you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it!”

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