During outdoor freeplay, the children have found a new meeting place - under their classroom! photo by lilli o breininger

It’s nice to see how Tuburan’s children have changed over the years. It’s especially noticeable during our school community gatherings.

At the start of the school year, you’ll notice the new children being very fidgety, restless, and moving aimlessly and talking when it is not yet time to talk. After several weeks when they learn that there’s time for everything, you’ll notice they are like different children during community gatherings. They will sit and patiently wait for their turn to play. It’s not like they feel forced to inhibit themselves. They just know there’s a time for everything.

As the months pass, the children are able to be fully present in whatever they’re doing. I notice their creativity and thinking are coming from deep inside. I can see it in the thoughtfulness they put into their work – with simple things like clay molding or beeswax molding. Their imagination is so profound!

That’s because in Tuburan we really give children space to express themselves. Children are aware there is space for everything. And so they’re better able to relate with each other. There are no fights. They give each other space. They just say, “Okay sige, it’s your turn now.”

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