Farewell tita Mary Joan Fajardo, you are our inspiration! Thank you for your big heart. Your legacy will live on in Tuburan too!

“Mary Joan was an artist-teacher of the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA), a Manila-based theater company that was defined by the growing nationalist struggle in the 1970’s and 80’s. She had growing concerns with the state of national politics and society in general despite the recent overthrow of the Marcos dictatorship. Triggered by a sex scandal issue in the Senate and the prevalence of corruption in the country, a question formed in the depths of Mary Joan’s being. “Ano na ang nangyayari sa mundo?” (What is happening to the world?) “Maybe the answer lies in the children,” she thought. “If one can reach children through quality education, then they might be able to turn things around for the future of the country and the world.” (Excerpt from Mother of the Fairytale’s “The Birth of Steiner/Waldorf Education in the Philippines” by Janneke “Nex” Agustin.)

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