Our Enrollment Process

We started with 12 kindergarten students in 2012. We’re growing the school by adding one level each year. We like diversity and welcome everyone. Families who are interested to enroll your children, this is our enrollment process:

Join Phase 1 Orientation

We’ll introduce you to Steiner/Waldorf education. You’ll learn about our curriculum and pedagogy.

Join Phase 2 Orientation

We’ll introduce you more to Tuburan Institute, Inc. You’ll learn about the school’s pillars, school policies, school fees, and other practical matters.

Sit in the Class with Your Child

You and your child will get to experience a day in Tuburan. You will also be given a reading material to study at home.

Join a Training and/or Forum with a Mentor

We encourage parents to understand more about Steiner/Waldorf education through joining as many learning opportunities as possible! (if available/offered)

Come for an interview with the teachers

We’ll discuss your class sit-in experience and your training/forum experience as well as your reflections about the reading material on Steiner/Waldorf education.

Come for an interview with the Weavers

Finally, it’s time to fill up a registration form, review the memorandum of agreements, and pay! Please bring your child’s birth certificate and 2×2 ID picture with you (including previous school records if applicable)

We are having regular orientations. Contact us for schedules: Mobile: 09298106523 / Phone: 2842377

Orientation Inquiry

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