The vegetarian community in Buhangin District was Tuburan’s first home from June 2012 to May 2015. For three years, the school’s pioneering students enjoyed learning there in the makeshift classrooms and playground located on the 1,000 square meter property of Kate Kiran and Visnu Lopena in Buhangin District. This idyllic school site cum eco-park was far from downtown but refreshingly green and peaceful. Since there was no space to expand, however, Tuburan had to leave in 2015.

The school’s permanent home today is located on Norma T. Javellana’s 9,046 square meter property planted with coconut trees in New Loon, Tugbok District. A usufruct agreement was signed between her and Tuburan allowing the school to use the property as long as it will “avoid cutting existing trees as much as possible and ensure the biodiversity through cultivating fruit trees, hardwood trees and vegetable gardens.” The usufruct agreement also stipulates that Tuburan “introduce, construct and maintain buildings and facilities using green technology.” These are all in line with the nature school Tuburan wants to become.

In February 2015, Tuburan started constructing three classrooms and an office in New Loon with money donated by Milow, the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc., Greet Herkes, the Rotary Club of Davao, and eventually Freunde der Erziehungskungst too. The construction was beset with challenges from the start – the impassable muddy road, the absence of electricity, the absence of water, as well as the increasing cost of labor and materials and underestimating the close onsite supervision and monitoring needed from not just one Tuburan representative but from several persons from Tuburan.

(Photo Gallery: Tuburan’s new grade school classrooms maximize natural light and ventilation and have rainwater harvesting catchments for growing Tuburan’s vegetable gardens. Photos by James C. Bautista. Click on a photo to enlarge.)


Since September 2015 construction has been going steadier thanks to the construction team composed of the daily supervisor Arnold Vandenbroeck and Engineer Rahul Saso who were joined in March 2016 by Board member Glocelito Jayma and Administrator Joefel Carreon. Tuburan parents and volunteers have also been helping ready the space in and around the classrooms for the June 2016 school opening.

Tuburan hopes to raise Php 300,000.00 more to complete the construction of the office and Class 1 to 3 classrooms. Can you help or know someone who can?

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