Davao City – Biyaya, a fundraising exhibit for the benefit of the Steiner/Waldorf school, Tuburan Institute, Inc. will be held at the lobby of SEDA Hotel, Davao City from March 1-17, 2017

Biyaya features the Mandalas of young Japanese artist, Oruha who is famous in her country for her intricate colored dotted line strokes that seem to pulsate an energy of peace and equanimity.

Oruha has donated 44 of her Mandalas to raise funds for Tuburan, a school whose brand of holistc Steiner/Waldorf education she would like more Mindanao children to experience. Oruha explains, “I want to help sustain Tuburan because I know how hard the school is working to accept everyone who wants this kind of culturally transformative education.”

Yoko Matsuda, a Tuburan parent and Oruha’s close friend also says, “The dynamism and energy of Oruha’s art process beautifully reflects and captures how Tuburan also uses art, movement, and music to draw out children’s inner creativity.”

“I can’t help but stare at the Mandalas; you can actually sense their energy!” shared a walk-in guest who happened to pass by the exhibit area. She mused, “Perhaps, the Mandalas really attract good luck for the Japanese businessmen who have been patronizing Oruha’s work for years.”

Tuburan’s teachers put much reverence and passion into their relationship with the children in the same way as Oruha can focus and channel a meditative mood whenever she’s creating her intricate Swarovski crystal studded Mandalas.

Davaoenos are invited to help sustain Tuburan’s work in early childhood education and primary education through buying one or more Mandalas during the run of Biyaya this March 1-17, 2017 at SEDA Hotel, Davao City.

Interested buyers can contact Tuburan through Rainbaco Sunga at 09255151010.

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