Circle time at the kindergarten area.

Circle time at the kindergarten area.

Our Advent Fair 2016 was a festive sunny day for the school community and the public. There were warm up activities, crafts and healthy food. Visitors enjoyed archery, yoga, nature games, making origami figures, making advent wreaths, making pocket-sized dolls, wet-on-wet painting, knitting, as well as finger crocheting and finger knitting. Several of Davao’s green businesses came to sell their products – organic rice, organic potted herbs, organic teas, organic honey, organic salad dressing, and more. Tuburan staff, parents and students sold organic drinks and food, second hand clothing, copies of Mother of the Fairytale, and Tuburan t-shirts as well.

Thank you friends for your presence, lending materials, volunteering your time and donating materials and cash:

Barangay Tugbok Proper, Barangay Mintal, Echostore Davao, Farm Coop, – Coffee for Peace, Kahayag Farms, Biosdynamis, Interface Development Interventions, Lunhaw team, Vivian T. San Pascual, Marco Hatico, James Fritz Freire, Camille Yap, Louise Far, and Michelle and Gerardo Suello.

(Photos by Louise Far.)

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