Grade school children line up during yellow day to greet their teacher before entering their classroom. (Photo by Lilli Breininger.)

Children of different abilities and different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds are welcome in Tuburan. The more diverse the students are the better because it helps build children’s personality and character and teaches them to be understanding, accepting, and compassionate in ways that no homogenous learning environment can.

Tuburan encourages diversity through its socialized fees. It allows children from families who cannot pay the full fees because of their very low incomes to experience Tuburan’s holistic education. The school’s only prerequisite is for the parents to become real partners – at home and in school.

Running a school with socialized fees, however, takes a lot of hard work and commitment. The Tuburan school community needs to always find creative ways to pay for monthly operational expenses. For this reason, we will gladly accept support for the education of our pioneering students.

Children know everyone’s better than others at something. Everyone’s okay with not always being first, faster, stronger, more daring. (Photo by Louise L. Far.)


Kindergarten children line up after washing their hands and exchanging their outdoor shoes with indoor shoes. (Photo by Lilli Breininger.)


During outdoor freeplay, the children have found a new meeting place – under their classroom! (Photo by Lilli O. Breininger.)


We purposefully don’t have too much of anything so that children will learn how to divide and share the available toys. (Photo by Louise L. Far.)


When everyone’s ready, children sing ‘thank you for the food’ before every meal. (Photo by Louise L. Far.)

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