About Tuburan Institute, Inc.

We are a Steiner/Waldorf community nature school

There’s a balanced development of practical, expressive and academic skills.

“Timid children who seemed to have no energy, transform after several weeks. They’re romping around, laughing and very physical. It’s because we don’t stop them from exploring or playing or settling their own conflicts.” – Juliefer M. Cecilio, parent and Kindergarten Nurturer

We are a Community School

Teachers, parents and the whole community work and grow together.

“I learned a lot as the one in charge of the office renovation. I had to be creative because Tuburan didn’t have a budget and I had limited carpentry skills.” – Julia Rosen, former Tuburan volunteer from Germany

We are a Nature School

Children enjoy learning in their “living” classrooms that draw out their inner creativity and love for nature.

“Since she joined Tuburan, my daughter lost interest in gadgets and has become very creative. A stone becomes a pig, then a spaceship. She finds something red and imagines it’s blood. A spiky seed turns into a durian and then fireworks.” – Joan Mae S. Bantayan, parent and teacher

We are Accessible to All

We welcome children of all sizes, shapes, languages, temperaments and family backgrounds.

“My family experienced death, sickness, and famine in the same year. My husband and I are working hard to keep the family afloat. We are grateful to be part of a school that offers socialized fees and is so positive and nurturing.” – Sheila B. Almasa, Parent

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