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Our 17 Springs of Hope Crowdfunding Campaign aims to give 17 children from low-income families an equal opportunity to learn life skills in our school’s beautiful nature environment in eco-friendly classrooms. The 17 children will be able to continue their schooling at Tuburan Institute, Inc., a non-profit, non-stock independent school located in the outskirts of Davao City, Philippines.

In behalf of the 17 children, we are calling on everyone’s spirit of generosity to donate at least P3,000.00. Some 1,000 individuals are still needed to each donate P3,000.00 (or more) and help ensure that the beautiful development of our children continues to be supported.



Each day children of all sizes, shapes, languages, temperaments and family backgrounds walk along a dirt road to reach our school. The children’s laughter, singing and recorder playing fill the air as they learn arithmetic, language, science, history, and more through hands-on activities that engage their heads, hearts and hands. This learning-by-doing approach – also known as Steiner/Waldorf education – has been doing wonders for the children’s development. For when children understand with their feeling, their sentiment, and their inner disposition, they can easier understand intellectual and abstract concepts too and develop an inner drive for learning.

The beneficiaries of 17 Springs of Hope have ripened beautifully over time as evident from the depth of their inventions, riddles, and observations about life. The school’s Steiner/Waldorf educational approach has helped them to be whole and balanced in their thinking, feeling and willing. Lessons instilling a reverence for all things and integrating the academic, the artistic, and the practical have guided the children toward self-knowledge and awakening within them warmth of heart, clarity of thought, and strength of purpose with which to meet the world. They are free to be children without being judged for where they come from, their physical and mental capacities, or their families’ financial status. This has greatly increased their resilience, independence and self-confidence.
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